Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Virginia and I are lazing around the apartment today. She is sleeping on the clean towels on the shelves in Larry's bathroom. She makes me aware of her presence when she comes out and sits down and commences to stare at me until I acknowledge her. Then she chooses to ignore me anyway. Kitty then slips quietly into the kitchen to crunch a few bites of her amazingly smelly food. A few sips of water later, she pads out and walks by me without apparently noticing me at all. Back to the shelves she goes for more snoozing. When Larry returns home tonight, she will appear and act as if I had been purposefully avoiding her all day. She will plead with him with her eyes and voice and beg for playful attention. Out comes the laser light and off she goes. Her back paws will dig artfully into the carpet as she careens through the apartment avoiding hazards and possible collisions to chase the red light. After leaving her scratch marks on our beige leather chair, Larry has learned that he cannot shine the light on anything which might be damaged including me. Virginia has no front claws, but she still has her back claws which seem to be sharp enough for these daily rounds of Chase the Light. Larry replaces the light on the counter above the bookshelves and gives her praise for her fun. Several mornings we have found her mouse-shaped light on the floor which explains the midnight rustling in the kitchen. I am trying to figure out how she knew, but I guess she is smarter than what we give her credit for. Larry and I have also been using her collar and leash for an evening drag. We have met the new people on first floor because they have a white cat that Virginia was attracted to. Several children especially girls have admired Virginia from their balconies. Some guys have walked by us thinking "stupid people dragging around a stupid cat. How humiliating!" It is quite easy to read the minds of stupid guys. The baby bunny who lives by the swimming pool has been encountered more than once. I am not sure why the bunny runs away as if its little life is in danger. Virginia does not notice it even when we point it out. She could care less. Her instincts for hunting have not been exactly honed to a sharp edge. I have not had a cat for 26 years. I am surprised how easily I fell in love with Virginia after all that time. She is a change to which Larry and I have adapted quite well. She is perfect for us.

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